November 15, 2012

Winter Poetry and Prose Getaway 2013


The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
and Murphy Writing Seminars Present
January 18-21, 2013
With Special Guests Stephen Dunn & Dorianne Laux

Get away to write at the Stockton Seaview Hotel (Galloway, NJ) to advance your craft and energize your writing. Enjoy challenging and supportive sessions, insightful feedback, and an encouraging community. Choose from small, intensive workshops in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and memoir.

Workshops include:
…Poetry Writing
…Advanced Poetry Writing
…Advanced Poetry Writing with Stephen Dunn
…Advanced Poetry Writing with Dorianne Laux
…Creative Writing Sampler (Fiction, Memoir, Poetry)
…Free-Writing Intensive: A Generative Workshop for All Genres
…Beginning Your Novel
…Finishing Your Novel
…Visions and Revision: Creative Nonfiction & Novel
…Writing and Publishing Your Fiction
…Writing and Publishing Your Fiction - Advanced
…Writing for the YA & Crossover Market
…The Art & Craft of Creative Nonfiction
…The Art & Craft of Creative Nonfiction - Advanced
…Turning Memory into Memoir
…What Matters is Not What Happened: Advanced Memoir
…Song Writing

In addition to your workshop, the weekend offers craft talks, one-on-one tutorials, a featured reading, open mics, yoga, and dancing at the Getaway Disco! Tuition and room packages include most meals.

Apply now for a Scholarship for first-time participants to the Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway, January 18-21, 2013, at the Jersey Shore.

The Toni Brown Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by the Getaway faculty and staff, will offer places to two poets or writers age 31 and over. Deadline: Nov.18, 2012

The Jan-ai Scholarship Fund will sponsor two poets or writers between the ages of 18 - 30 who are residents of NJ, NY, or PA. Deadline: Nov. 30, 2012.

Recipients may choose from workshops in Beginning Your Novel, YA, Writing and Publishing Your Fiction, Memoir, Creative Nonfiction, Free-writing, Poetry, including special advanced sections with Stephen Dunn and Dorianne Laux, and more. The three-day conference also offers craft talks, one-on-one tutorials, a featured reading, open mics, yoga, and dancing at the Getaway Disco.


Visit for workshop descriptions, faculty bios, and registration information.

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November 12, 2012

Hal Sirowitz Said

We got a late start on November here at Poets Online because of Hurricane Sandy and a follow up nor'easter that played games with our power, so we have a new brief prompt for this abbreviated month.

Hal Sirowitz is one of the funniest poets I have ever heard read. There is something about his deadpan, Steven Wright delivery that makes his monologue poems sound like stand up routines.


We’re Jewish, Father said.
So we don’t believe in Christ.
If God wanted us to worship Jesus
he would have arranged for us to be born
into an Italian family. I have nothing
against Him. He was probably a very nice man.
You have to give Him credit for trying.
A lot of people still believe He’s the Son of God.
I don’t know what He had against His real father.
But if you ever did that to me,
said you were someone else’s son, I’d be insulted.

Many people know him best for his three "said" books - Mother Said, My Therapist Said and Father Said . In poems like "Red, Red Bra" and others, he gives us monologues that are full of irony, humor and Sirowitz.

A simple prompt: a poem that is all monologue. Mother said, father said, therapist, teacher, lover, wife, husband - it's your call.

Submission deadline: Sunday, December 2, 2012

                Hal Sirowitz - "Chopped Off Arm"

November 4, 2012

Rilke and a Wild Love for the World

From On Being comes a program on A Wild Love For the World with Joanna Macy, a Buddhist philosopher of ecology and a translator of the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke. 

One of the most beloved poets of the twentieth century, Rilke is widely celebrated for his depth of insight and timeless relevance. He has influenced generations of writers with his classic Letters to a Young Poet, and his reflections on the divine and our place in the world are disarmingly profound. Many readers find Rilke a trusted guide amid the bustle of our daily experience, reflecting on such themes as impermanence, the beauty of creation, the voice of God, and the importance of solitude.

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Recommended reading: A Year with Rilke: Daily Readings from the Best of Rainer Maria Rilke as translated by Joanna Macy and Anita Barrows.

Rilke: I Am Much Too Alone in This World, Yet Not Alone

I am much too alone in this world, yet not alone
to truly consecrate the hour.
I am much too small in this world, yet not small
to be to you just object and thing,
dark and smart.
I want my free will and want it accompanying
the path which leads to action;
and want during times that beg questions,
where something is up,
to be among those in the know,
or else be alone.

I want to mirror your image to its fullest perfection,
never be blind or too old
to uphold your weighty wavering reflection.
I want to unfold.
Nowhere I wish to stay crooked, bent;
for there I would be dishonest, untrue.
I want my conscience to be
true before you;
want to describe myself like a picture I observed
for a long time, one close up,
like a new word I learned and embraced,
like the everday jug,
like my mother's face,
like a ship that carried me along
through the deadliest storm.

by Rainer Maria Rilke
translated by Annemarie S. Kidder

November 2, 2012

Hurricanes and Poetry

A famous shot of the roller coaster from Seaside Heights, NJ
that was washed out to sea by Superstorm Sandy this year.

The Hurricane

The tree lay down
on the garage roof
and stretched, You
have your heaven,
it said, go to it.

by William Carlos Williams

Poets Online (based in New Jersey, USA) took a hit from Superstorm (Hurricane) Sandy this past week and will hopefully be back with new poems and a new prompt by November 6.

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