January 20, 2012

Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards

The Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards are sponsored by The Poetry Center at PCCC, and honor Paterson poet Allen Ginsberg’s contribution to American Literature.

The first prize winner will receive $1,000; second, $200; and third $100.

The entry fee of $18 covers the cost of a subscription to The Paterson Literary Review, in which the winning poems will be published. The submissions deadline is April 1.

Winners will be asked to participate in a reading to take place in Paterson’s Historic District.

For guidelines and an entry form, go to www.pccc.edu/poetry or send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:
Maria Mazziotti Gillan,
Executive Director,
Poetry Center,
Passaic County Community College,
One College Boulevard,
Paterson, N.J. 07505-1179.

Be sure to mark the envelope with the contest name.

1 comment:

  1. Ginsberg was of course a charismatic individual who did write some groundbreaking poetry. He also was a very shrewd individual if my take on him was right when I saw him with Leary. However, he appears to have been deranged and acted like a humping orangutang in his private life by all accounts. Maybe not his fault you could say and had a mentally ill parent etc. Shouldnt have been enabled by the counter culture to do what every he wanted though, Guess most of the famous counter culture thought other people were something to be used by them, ie groupies etc. Low mentality if ask me.


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