January 1, 2012

Dodge Poetry Festival 2012

The 14th edition of the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Poetry Festival will return to Newark, New Jersey’s largest city, for a second time in fall 2012.

The festival is a biennial event that has been held since 1986. The first 12 festivals had been held in more rural settings, mostly Waterloo Village in NJ. The Foundation moved to Newark for its 2010 festival.

Dates for the Festival have not been finalized at this time.

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  1. We have attended the Dodge Poetry Festival since 1998 and absolutely loved them. The wonderful rural setting at Waterloo Village so enhanced our experience. We did attend the one in Newark and found it wanting...there is no comparison to a city street and what we found at Waterloo, the quiet and beauty of walking beside a stream, entering an old church, being sheltered under trees....we felt much closer to the words somehow.


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