November 11, 2009

Want To Buy A Pushcart Prize Nomination?

I came across a blog post at that details how No Colony ("a collaborative perfect-bound print fiction journal from the editors of NO POSIT & LAMINATION COLONY.") says it will give automatic publication in the magazine and a Pushcart nomination to whomever pays a $650 fee to them. PayPal link included on their site.

It makes you wonder about the nomination process for a Pushcart Prize if this can actually occur.

Which part is legitimate? Internet scam? Poetry scam? All of the above?

1 comment:

  1. No, it doesn't or shouldn't make you wonder about the Pushcart Prize nomination process. The process is ethical and transparent. Money never crosses hands. This one obviously absurd solicitation shouldn't even merit any attention. Note the crudeness with which their offer is made.


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