November 25, 2008

More Poets Wish List

When a non-poet friend asked what she should buy a poet friend as a holiday gift, I was initially stumped. Just buy them something they like - What's the difference if the person is a poet? But she wanted to buy something "poetic."

So, I crowdsourced it and posted a list as this blog's current poll. It's my own Top 10, but... What would make your wish list?

The bolded items below are the current top 5, but we need votes - otherwise, you may get a tie, wallet or a nutcracker this season! Hey, I'll take a writing getaway - but I don't think Amazon stocks those - try this link for some getaways
  1. poetry books (of poems, about poetry, about writing or poets)
  2. poetry read on audio
  3. blank books for writing
  4. music that is inspirational
  5. gourmet food (yes, that can be inspirational!)
  6. coffee / tea
  7. wine or other beverages
  8. a writing getaway (pricey but very cool)
  9. a Kindle book reader
  10. writing tools (pens, notebooks, magnetic poetry..)


Anonymous said...

Well, a trip to a tropical island for 2 weeks to write would be nice - but - I like getting non-poetry books as inspiration - art books are great, photography, travel books, take me to a museum, a walk in a garden, the woods, a beach, a desert (Would a date count as a gift? I say YES!)

Anonymous said...

A nice, big, writing table with one of each thing on the list beautifully gift-wrapped waiting for me.