September 20, 2008

World Poets

Last month, I received a submission of three poems in Turkish. I couldn't read them (and we only accept one submission) but it got me thinking about the world audience that the site and blog has gotten the past ten years.

If you ever look at the Live Traffic Feed here on the blog, you see that we get a good number of visitors from outside the United States.

This month we featured Coral Bracho (Mexico) for our writing prompt, and I'd like to use more world poets in the future.

If you're a reader from outside the United States (or a world-wise U.S. reader), please leave a comment and tell us what world poets we should consider for the site. Who are the most popular poets in your country? Give us a web link to their poems. Unfortunately, we are an English language site, so we're looking for either translation or foreign poets who also write in English.

I'm no expert on world poetry. I have been looking at which has poems in a good number of languages.
Who would you recommend and why?

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