March 12, 2016

That Train in the Distance Carried Harry Potter

While searching online for some images of trains to use for this month's prompt, I came across a video of the Jacobite steam train.  It seemed familiar, though I have never been to Scotland where it runs.

The Jacobite is a steam locomotive-hauled tourist train service that operates over part of the West Highland Railway Line in Scotland. It has been operating under various names and with different operators every summer since 1984. It has played an important role in sustaining a scenic route.

The Jacobite runs a distance of 41 miles between Fort William and Mallaig.

The route is also the same shown in the Harry Potter films.

The company running the Jacobite service provided Warner Brothers with the train used as the Hogwarts Express in all of the movies and allowed them use of the Jacobite's route for filming.

Photo: Scottish Tourist Board

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