October 20, 2012

Places to Submit Poems Electronically

Louie Crew, Emeritus Professor at Rutgers University, has maintained a great list of Poetry Publishers Willing to Receive Submissions Electronically since 1996 and has included our main Poets Online site since we launched in 1998.

Louie recently contacted me and the other 994 (!) sites to confirm that the links and emails are current. In this labor of love, he visits each website monthly and writes to editors at least twice a year to confirm publications are still viable.

He lists poetry editors who are willing to receive submissions electronically with some preferring manuscripts in the body of an email message and others as attachments. Most of his entries have brief submission tips and direct you to a website. These are both "e-zines" like Poets Online and traditional print publications.

Louie wisely suggests that you study a copy of the magazine or site archive to determine whether your material would have a fit with the other material published.

I am also on board with Louie in not being a fan of entry or reading fees or requiring an author to buy a copy of the publication to see her or his work. Of course, there are publications that only exist and publish because of a fee. And I agree that poets need to also be poetry consumers and should subscribe voluntarily to support good literary magazines.

Louie Crew's entire site is a diverse and interesting read at andromeda.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/

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