June 17, 2007


Heading to California for mostly business; hopefully some pleasure.

Poets Online is still on vacation. At least, it says so on the prompt page now.

All is not lost. Hoping to work out a new prompt with Peter Murphy in the next few weeks for July.

There are a few new poems on the site from the rubaiyat prompt. By few, I mean 3. Not many more came in as responses to the Rumi prompt.

So maybe I am not the only one who has things other than poetry taking control of late.


  1. AnonymousJune 21, 2007

    Actually when someone goes to the poets online website, it is no longer there. I happened to get to the blog because I had it bookmarked. Perhaps everyone thinks Poets Online has come to an end (I did), which, in a way, it has...sadly.

    The prompt was an unusual one and a very confusing one. Maybe that's why only 3 responses came in? Who knows?

  2. Yes, I have had to change the registration of the site and it took some time to be in effect. Part of a long line of changes lately...

    It's back up now and a new prompt for July will be posted a few days.

    Was the Rumi prompt that tough?