May 1, 2020

Poets on YouTube

Our April writing prompt is closed and we're putting together the next issue of "Odes to Common Things" and a new prompt for the merry month of May (at least we hope it might be merrier than April). You probably have been online more than usual and I don't encourage more screen time but there are lots of good poets reading their work on YouTube and the audio alone might be a good spring tonic. Of course, it's always nice to see a poet reading - in-person readings are best but video is an alternative even in non-pandemic times.

The Writer's Almanac (TWA) has started posting videos of poets whose work has been on the radio/podcast show reading poems that were used on the Almanac. (check out the full TWA playlist) It is great because you can see and hear the poet, and for almost all the poems you can find the poem text online at the TWA website. This might be useful for those of you teaching online or doing some homeschooling. Most of the videos are homemade using phones and webcams - which doesn't look so homemade anymore since national correspondents are doing the news from their homes too.

Here are a few examples - and I will also just point you at two of my own poems that are there - one poem is light and one is dark, so choose your mood.

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