October 27, 2010

Poetry Publishers Who Accept Electronic Submissions

I received two emails recently from poets who submitted poems to Poets Online and had their poem "discovered" online by another publisher who wanted to put it in print.

For example, Violet Nesdoly wrote "In Stitches" for our February 2006 prompt about being "in the moment". Recently, she heard from the editor of Vogue Patterns magazine, asking if they could publish it in an upcoming edition. I'm encouraged that a everyday publication not known for printing poetry would print one for their readers.

The Internet offers so many opportunities to share your poetry and find new audiences.
There are more and more places to put your poetry online or submit your poems online for print publication. An increasing number of established publishers now accept online publication as a first publication.

Louie Crew, Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University has been listing websites (including Poets Online) of Poetry Publishers Who Accept Electronic Submissions


Toby Speed said...

This is encouraging!

Violet N. said...

Thanks for the mention, Ken!

Louie Crew's list is impressive. I had no idea there were that many online poetry sites!

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Hey folks,

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