October 30, 2008

A Poet Wish List

A friend of mine (not a poet) recently asked me, "Ken, you're a poet. What would a poet like to get as a gift?"

Well, my first thought was that they want the same things as everyone else. (Poets are not really that strange.) But, I know what she meant. What kinds of things with a connection to poetry or writing would someone who writes poetry enjoy getting?

I gave it some thought and emailed a list and a few suggestions. I added that list to this blog on the home page as the current poll.
  • poetry books (of poems, about poetry, about writing or poets)
  • poetry read on audio
  • blank books for writing
  • music that is inspirational
  • gourmet food (yes, that can be inspirational!)
  • coffee / tea
  • wine or other beverages
  • a writing getaway (pricey but very cool)
  • a Kindle book reader
  • writing tools (pens, notebooks, magnetic poetry..)
Now, I ask you - vote in the poll and, even better, post a comment with some specifics. What would make your wish list: music that gets you writing, a place you'd like to go and write, a blank book, special pen, beverage... What book of poems would you like to get this holiday season? Is there a movie that works especially well for poets?

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