June 21, 2008

The Last Thursday Poetry Readings

Hopefully, this series will be of special interest to New Jersey area poetry fans and longtime readers of Poets Online. The Last Thursday Poetry Readings series runs on the last Thursday of each month. They are held at the Middletown Township Public Library in central New Jersey.

Generally, the poets are from NJ and there are some names you will recognize from Poets Online both as featured poets and as contributors. (Disclaimer: I will be reading in August.)

This month's reading is June 26 at 7 PM and features Svea Barrett, Laura Boss, Jessica de Koninck and Jim Gwyn.

July 31 at 7 PM will feature Mark Brunetti, Laine Sutton Johnson, Linda Radice and Bob Rosenbloom.

To end the summer, at 7 PM on August 28 the series featured poets wil be Emari DiGiorgio, Alissa Pecora, Ken Ronkowitz and Susan Rothbard.

There is usually an open reading after the featured poets and it's a welcoming audience for new poets.

Get directions to the location via Google Maps

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