February 4, 2011

Mammogram by Jo McDougall

via  The Writer's Almanac


'They're benign,' the radiologist says,
pointing to specks on the x ray
that look like dust motes
stopped cold in their dance.
His words take my spine like flame.
I suddenly love
the radiologist, the nurse, my paper gown,
the vapid print on the dressing room wall.
I pull on my radiant clothes.
I step out into the Hanging Gardens, the Taj Mahal,
the Niagara Falls of the parking lot.

by Jo McDougall
from her book Satisfied with Havoc, Autumn House Press, 2004

Satisfied with Havoc (Autumn House Poetry)



  1. Love that poem and its perfect last two lines!

  2. Beautiful portrayal of emotion; I felt excited along with the narrator!


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