October 10, 2005

What is Poets Online - the blog?

POETS ONLINE is a website that offers you the opportunity to try your hand at writing a poem to the current writing prompt. This prompt usually remains posted for at least 3 weeks, during which time our online participants work on a poem and, if they wish, submit that poem for possible online publication.

Some people write for themselves with no intention of submitting it. They use the site as a source of inspiration. Those who submit have the chance of seeing their poem online for the (online) world to read. We only post responses to the current writing prompt.

I would suggest that you read some poems in our archive which goes back to 2000 to get a feel for the types of responses people have had to previous writing prompts. The archive also provides a rich selection of writing ideas and models for your writing.

Hopefully, this blog will allow us to extend the usefulness of the main site at poetsonline.org, and help us communicate with our regular visitors in a more constructive manner.