May 17, 2009

Random Poetry Line Generators

In updating the main  Poets Online website, I am reminded of two pages from 1999 that were used for a writing prompt. They were poetry random line generators that I had created that we used as a prompt.

Both pages will generate a random line that can be used to start a poem or just give you an idea for a poem based on the line.

The pages are still online, so give them a try.

1 comment:

Penny H said...

Pretty cool tool. I click both a few times, copied the lines and did some cut and paste to get:

Beneath the surface of questioning
the old ones turn.
On the bed of summer,
the seasons seek rest.
In the water of death,
the spirits vanish below the surface.
Amongst the shadows of summer trees
sleeps the meaning of death.
Only the leaves escape,
find desire
and breathe.